Intel Federal wins $19 million in DOE contracts

Intel Federal LLC was awarded two subcontracts with the Department of Energy, totaling more than $19 million, the company announced Friday.

As part of the contract, Intel Federal will apply new approaches to extreme-scale computing research and development that will cover a number of areas including memory research and how to achieve more reliable and energy-efficient processor technology. The efforts will align with the federal government’s commitment to using high performance computing to solve numerous societal challenges involving energy, security and the economy.

“High-performance computing is a transformative technology that will allow current and future generations of scientists and engineers to develop breakthrough advancements to address our most pressing societal issues.” said Intel Federal President David Patterson.

Intel Federal will combine innovative and traditional activities to achieve improved resilience on next-generation, energy-efficient scalable processor technology. Intel’s memory research, in particular, will evaluate how next-generation memory architectures, combined with processing power, provide optimal, energy-efficient performance for a broad range of DOE applications and other HPC workloads, the company said.

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