McAfee’s Phyllis Schneck on cybersecurity

Phyllis Schneck, vice president and CTO, global public sector, McAfee, discusses cybersecurity in this interview with FedScoop.

“Our customers care a lot about getting a high return on investment for their spend, making a resilient network without spending just arbitrarily on a lot of products. But putting together a good network design, one that enables continuous monitoring coming into the new standards, global standards, being able to report within their network what they’re seeing, a constant picture of health, being able to do continuous networks scans instead of producing with a lot of bodies and a lot of money a big compliance document, moving from static to dynamic and doing that in a way that enables them to preserve the big minds for their very, very big problems. All of our customers are targets. Everybody is. There are people and adversaries that want what they have, want what they see and want what they do. We have to assume that everybody has a visitor. In order to get the best return on investment, that means taking the top talent and focusing them on looking for those very, very hard problems, those very insidious attacks.”

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