NASA Gains 1,000 Google+ Followers in First Hour


NASA got more than 1,000 followers in its first hour on Google+ after becoming the first federal agency to join the social networking platform, said NASA Deputy Chief Information Officer Deborah Diaz.

Diaz said NASA has been a pioneer in the web, having one of the first websites in the 90s and obtaining one of the first Twitter accounts in 2007.

“With the acceleration of digital convergence and increasingly pervasive use of digital devices to access all manner of information, the Internet has become a platform for participation,” Diaz wrote on the NASA blog. “Each second, the world’s information is increasingly sorted, sifted, and combined in various useful and creative ways by communities of people from all corners of the world. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ are reshaping human interactions and helping us connect to one another.”


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