NASA Open Government 2.0 Continues to Push Open Data, Open Source, APIs, Challenges

NASA released an updated version of its open government plan Monday, accompanied by a graphical representation, with a focus on web operations, including how it will leverage open source software, open data and application programming interfaces, as well as collaboration programs such as civic challenges and hackathons.

Version 2.0 of our Open Government Plan is meant to serve as a model – not a manual – for what an open government might look like. The Plan includes a new Flagship Initiative that will take a fresh look at the NASA web architecture and processes to manage content in order build an accessible, participatory and transparent web environment based on open and interoperable standards. We will also push forward our Open Data and Open Source efforts, as well as add a new category called “Technology Accelerators” that takes a look at NASA’s commitment to technology development and innovation,” writes NASA Open Government Program Manager Nick Skytland on the open.NASA blog.

NASA also released an updated infographic, “Tools for the Citizen Scientist,” highlighting its open government accomplishments to date.

Full report:


NASA Final Open Government Plan Version 2.0

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