OPM Director: Dramatic Progress in Hiring


U.S. Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry said the government has made dramatic progress in modernizing its hiring process over the past year.

“This progress reflects an aggressive, innovative approach to implementation,” said Berry, speaking at a panel at the National Press Club on Wednesday. “Our government-wide efforts will ensure that we build and maintain the modern hiring system we need to attract the next wave of the best and brightest Americans to federal employment.”


Since the launch of the Hiring Reform initiative in May 2010, Berry said OPM has supported federal agencies with 351 training sessions in 66 cities for 17,300 people involved in the hiring process.

Outcomes from this effort include:

  • Hiring based on resumes and cover letters 91 percent of the time;
  • Ninety-six percent of job opportunity announcements no longer requiring KSA essays;
  • Hiring managers now have more choices – they get to see more resumes, because 89 percent of announcements have category rating;
  • Applicants are now seeing shorter, easy-to-read job announcements, with 86 percent in plain language, and 66 percent are five pages or fewer.
  • Hiring time shortened by roughly 15 percent.

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