Park, VanRoekel on unlocking government’s ‘innovation mojo’ (VIDEO)

U.S. Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel and Chief Technology Officer Todd Park discuss government innovation with FedScoopTV. Park and VanRoekel touch on the White House Presidential Fellows Program, open data, mobile, consumerization of technology and changing the culture of government.


“Innovation comes in a few ways. It’s policy, people, permission. On policy front, it’s thinking about how we inspire the art of the possible. Describe to people what can actually happen in government. Bring private sector best practices to government. On people, it’s bringing in not only new people and encouraging people fresh out of college or private sector innovators to take a rotation in government and work through that, but also unleashing the people inside government by giving them permission to innovate. Taking the great work that’s happening at the agency level and unleashing that across the whole of government by just giving them permission to do so. Something that has been limited in the past.”

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