Pivotal’s Marshall Presser on big data

Marshall Presser, field chief technology officer, Pivotal (formerly EMC Greenplum) discusses big data and government in this interview with FedScoopTv.

“I think one of the reasons we’re hearing so much about big data is, we’re sort of in a positive feedback loop, I guess, by which I mean there’s media press about big data, which gets people interested in big data, which creates more media press about big data. So we’re in this spiral, but there are a couple other things. One is, technology has enabled us to have much more data than we ever had before. So you may not realize this, but we all walk around with sensory devices — what we think of as our iPhone or Google phone is actually a sensory device. It captures all sorts of telemetry information, which is then shipped back to the mother ship where it’s analyzed. People are beginning to see the value of this big data and organizations, especially in the federal government, are being able to see the value of this big data more and more.”

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