Profession Services Council (PSC)

Network routers of ISP. Many wires connect to the network interfaces of powerful Internet servers. Racks with computer equipment in the server room datacenter. (Image credit: Getty Images).

OMB’s new data center plan draws concerns

Rep. Gerry Connolly and others are calling for the White House to not ease off the pedal when it comes to data center consolidation.
National parks, including the depicted Lincoln Memorial, were forced to close during the 2013 government shutdown. (Flickr)

Industry prepares for fiscal double-whammy in late September

The Professional Services Council hosted an event to help contractors navigate the possibility of an unprecedented one-party government shutdown. The federal debt ceiling is also getting tight.
GSA’s Bill Zielinski delivers a keynote at the 2017 Verizon Government of the Future Summit. (FedScoop)

GSA awards $50B EIS contract to 10 telecom companies

After almost two years in development, the General Services Administration has awarded its $50 billion telecommunications contract.