The FedFiles: Helping Santa

Chief Elf

Each year the Postal Service gets more than 500,000 letters addressed to Santa Claus, but since it’s a little tough to deliver them to the big man at the North Pole, what becomes of these letters? Since 1940, the USPS has taken all of these letters and allowed charities, business, friendly people, basically whoever is willing, to “adopt” the letters and fulfill the child’s wish (only the letters deemed to be from needy children are accepted, so don’t write Santa hoping someone drops a Benz in your driveway) in a program called “Operation Santa.” USPS even has a Chief Elf who oversees the program. Check out the process, facts and FAQs

Speaking of the guy in red. NORAD’s got him on their radar

The White House said the war in Iraq cost $1,000,000,000,000


Make sure to check out this Iraq timeline the White House put together …

In other news regarding large numbers, the State Department passed 200,000 Twitter followers

Some SES announcements

FCC is cracking down on loud commercials

Air Force is lifting its hiring freeze


Commerce Sec holds meeting with the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship …

Patty Duke applies for social security … in her pajamas …

The $1 coin. We hardly knew ye


State Department Q&A on Internet Freedom …

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