USDA Launches New Energy Site


The Department of Agriculture announced a new energy website, located at, that provides access to all USDA energy resources, including agricultural, forestry, economic and social data.

“Improving and modernizing access to USDA energy data and resources is essential in today’s highly competitive rural business environment,” said USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Farmers, ranchers and small businesses across the country will benefit from easier navigation and retrieval of energy and renewable energy investments data and funding opportunities.


Vilsack said this newly designed tool is a big step in a more coordinated and efficient effort to increase public awareness of USDA’s energy research, commercialization of new technologies, program delivery, outreach and education activities.

“As we continue to invest in rural communities across the country, USDA has heard from producers about the need for reducing red tape and the need to modernize its services. We are answering this challenge by making the best use of taxpayer resources, and providing the best possible service to the American people,” Secretary Vilsack said.

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