USDS official says federal agencies uniquely positioned to attract tech talent amid labor market turmoil

Ankit Mathur calls on agencies to show prospective employees progress made with specific tools and projects.
USDS Chief Delivery Officer Ankit Mathur speaks with FedScoop and DefenseScoop Editor-in-Chief Billy Mitchell at FedTalks on Aug. 24 2022. (Image credit: Pepe Gomez / Pixelme Studio).

The federal government is uniquely positioned to attract technology talent looking for new opportunities amid the current labor market turmoil, according to a senior U.S. Digital Service official.

Speaking Wednesday, USDS Chief Delivery Officer Ankit Mathur highlighted how the values of public service can align with some of the new top priorities for IT specialists looking for new roles.

“What a better place to work and be fulfilled … to look and say ‘I fixed that,'” Mather said at the FedTalks conference hosted by FedScoop.

The technology leader added that federal agencies need to be bold in showing prospective employees concrete examples of specific IT projects that have made a difference.


“When we think about recruiting, we have to start talking about the progress we’ve made and the tools we’ve introduced,” he added. “The new talent that is coming in is getting smarter, getting more ingrained in the tools that are used across government.”

In July, a study published by consultancy firm McKinsey & Co. found that in the U.S., about 40% of employees are looking to switch jobs within the next three to six months. Among top reasons for quitting employment between April 2021 and April 2022 were lack of career development and advancement and lack of meaningful work, in addition to inadequate total compensation.

Another key factor keeping people in their posts is adequacy of workplace flexibility, according to the study. The research was conducted by surveying 13,382 employees in six different countries across 16 separate industries.

Mathur’s comments come as government agencies ramp up the pace of hiring for IT and other technology staff.

Earlier this month, White House digital experience adviser Noreen Hecmanczuk called for technologists to be included at the highest levels of federal agency decision-making to ensure American citizens get the best possible customer service.

John Hewitt Jones

Written by John Hewitt Jones

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