Vein: How ‘Lean Government’ Enables Entrepreneurs

U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Government Innovation Chris Vein addressed attendees at the SVB Financial Group Accelerator CEO Summit in October, where he discussed his role and the federal government’s approach to fostering entrepreneurial opportunities.

Vein builds off entrepreneur and author Eric Ries’ concept of the “lean startup,” citing the government’s efforts around opening up and “democratizing” data and building “innovation ecosystems” to enable public sector efficiency and private sector growth.

“I get to go and look at what’s going on at the federal level, the state level and the local government levels and really see what new things are being tried, what new ideas are being put into practice, what entrepreneurial things are being started,” Vein said. “As I do that, I’m looking for those nuggets of truth, what is working, why is it working, how is it working, and I’m extracting all of that information, and I’m designing a strategy, with Eric Ries in mind, on how we can actually apply all of that learning to the federal government and bring it back down to state and local government as well and, for the first time, really create a government innovation strategy.”



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