Erie Meyer – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Erie Meyer

Founding Member
U.S. Digital Service

Since FedScoop named her one of the most influential young people in government IT in 2013, Erie Meyer has blazed a trail from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to the U.S. Digital Service.

After serving in a variety of positions in the public and private sectors, most of which related to digital media strategy, Meyer helped found CFPB and helping launch its Tech + Innovation Team. In September 2013, she developed more buzz when she joined former U.S. CTO Todd Park’s team as one of his senior advisers.

Now as a founding member of USDS, Meyer is a part of the agile services team reinventing the way government delivers technology. While USDS is working on an arsenal of projects, Meyer recently pointed to the TechFAR handbook to show the type of work her team is looking to do.

I want to live a life of looking big goals in the face and working to achieve them.

With regard to the TechFAR, she told FedScoop in February it’s “a short, clear, simple, modern document that helps government innovators buy technology in a modern way, and also can help industry better understand how government would like to buy technology.”

Meyer has long been a supporter of fellow women in technology, co-founding in 2010 the Tech LadyMafia, which supports women in the field.

Like many of her colleagues in the federal digital services space, Meyer is in it for the impact.

“I want to live a life of looking big goals in the face and working to achieve them, and working on behalf of American ideals like justice and fairness,” she told FedScoop in 2013. “When you’re working in government, you have an incredible mission, and you and your colleagues believe in it and stick by it indefinitely.”

– Billy Mitchell

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