Lynn Martin – D.C.'s Top 50 Women in Tech 2015

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Lynn Martin

Public Sector Vice President

Lynn Martin said her work has “been in her blood" for a long time. Martin started her career in public service as part of a public co-op program at the Department of Justice when she was 16. Now, she helps lead a number of initiatives that are modernizing the public sector. A big part of her focus is on mobility, whether it's in the education space, or helping state and local first responders become more responsive.

“People want to work anywhere, anytime, from any device," Martin said. “The challenge in that environment from a security perspective and being able to access what you need when you need access, that creates challenges for government CIOs today. It's very different from five or 10 years ago."

Be it mobility, cloud computing or infrastructure pieces that help with the country's national security, Martin thinks of the public sector as an “interesting and dynamic marketplace" and a field where women have an “opportunity for high growth."

There are not enough women leaders that bring a different perspective to the table in terms of the technology.

“The mission side of our business is an exciting area for females in public sector," Martin said. “There are not enough women leaders that bring a different perspective to the table in terms of the technology."

Martin has spent a lot of time working with the public sector, and she said she is proud to support those who make such a difference.

“From education to the federal government, the customers have a very different mission from commercial business," she said. “Whatever you work on in supporting the public sector is very unique and you actually are very rewarded by touching the public service provided to the citizens of the United States."

– Greg Otto

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