DARPA to Hold Active Authentication Briefing

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Information Innovation Office will conduct a briefing on November 18 in support of the Active Authentication program that looks to change the way people use passwords on their computers.

Program manager Richard Guidorizzi said the Active Authentication program is looking to find researchers that can do away with easily stolen or forgotten passwords. Instead, the program aims to identify people based on their computer behavior.

“My house key will get you into my house, but the dog in my living room knows you’re not me. No amount of holding up my key and saying you’re me is going to convince my dog you’re who you say you are. My dog knows you don’t look like me, smell like me or act like me. What we want out of this program is to find those things that are unique to you, and not some single aspect of computer security that an adversary can use to compromise your system,” said Guidorizzi.

The event has four purposes:

  1. To familiarize participants with DARPA’s interest in new approaches to innovative software based biometric modalities.
  2. To familiarize participants with DARPA’s interest in enhanced security evaluation through participation of Red Teams or Adversarial Partnership approaches in support of the research performed in this program.
  3. To identify potential proposers and promote understanding of the anticipated Active Authentication RA proposal requirements.
  4. To promote discussion of synergistic capabilities among potential program participants.

A research announcement will be posted on and when it becomes available.

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