Alert issued for myPay app

2013_10_myAPPThe Army Computer Crime Investigation Unit is warning about the use of third-party mobile apps to access the myPay system.

The Department Finance and Accounting Services myPay system is a free app that enables users to control their pay. After logging in, users can review their account information and change sensitive information from their mobile device.

So far, between 10,000 and 15,000 users have downloaded this and other related apps to their mobile device.

However, the myPay app is not sponsored by the federal government or the Defense Department.


A blog post on the Air Force Space Command website warns that nonsanctioned apps, including myPay, can be easily compromised and lead to possible theft of funds and loss of personal account information.

The blog recommends users take caution before downloading apps onto their mobile device by:

  • Only downloading apps that access military sites. Information should be sponsored by the military or other government agencies.
  • Reviewing the “About the Developer” section before downloading an app, and research the developer and what it has published in the past.
  • Examining what information or applications the app will be accessing when in use.
  • Reading ratings and reviews of that app before downloading it to see if there are security issues associated with it.

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