Federal Mobility Strategy Dialogue Closes Today

Today is the final day for citizens to weight in on the National Dialogue on the Federal Mobility Strategy, an initiative led by Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel aimed at crowdsourcing ideas on how to best implement government mobility and expedite adoption of emerging technologies.

The initiative aims to find solutions to six core areas:

  • Incorporate the power and possibilities of mobility into Federal government efforts.
  • Build mobile technologies/services for reuse and share common services among agencies and public developers.
  • Efficiently manage mobile and wireless acquisition, inventory, and expenses.
  • Create a government-wide foundation to provide mobility services and functionality needed in all agencies.
  • Foster collaboration to accelerate mobility across government.
  • Establish governance structure for Federal mobility.

The objectives are part of a larger framework for the Federal Mobility Strategy, according to a draft of the report.

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