Interior buys crash scene reporting software licenses

A representative for the company said agencies within the department have used the software in the past.
The software would help law enforcement document car crashes. (Ben Ostrowsky/Flickr)

The Department of the Interior has purchased 1,500 licenses for a crash scene reporting software.

A-T Solutions V6 Easy Street Draw offers a digital platform for the department’s law enforcement — like national park rangers or Bureau of Land Management agents — to diagram and collect information about a crash that takes place on public lands.

“It would include anything that’s on the road, really. And it could include animal incidents, too,” said a representative of A-T Solutions.


Officers can use the software through a standalone desktop application; a Web-based application integrated with the DOI’s incident management, analysis and reporting system, also known as IMARS; or their mobile devices. The representative said agencies within the department have used A-T before. However, this marks the first time Interior made a departmentwide purchase of the platform.

As part of the contract for V6 Easy Street Draw, Interior will receive maintenance support over the next four years, according to a release from the company. The representative of A-T Solutions said only the department can release information about how much the contract was worth. The Department of the Interior’s media relations team did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Local police and first responders have been increasingly turning to digital platforms to help document crime scenes. Last week, StateScoop reported that California’s Palm Springs Police Department was able to cut the time it took officers to document a crime scene by as much as two-thirds.

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