Modernizing agencies with automatic and intelligent observability

How DevSecOps for modern cloud applications delivers speed and agility without compromising security.

As more agencies use cloud-native technologies and platforms, the complexities of modern clouds stretch IT teams to their limits, creating security gaps and slowing the pace of innovation that agencies need to meet their mission goals.


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Speed and agility should not come at the expense of security, and application security practices are often seen as an obstacle to that same speed and agility. Implementing DevSecOps practices that integrate development, security and operations tasks can resolve this potential conflict, by incorporating application security reviews early and as an integral part of the development process, according to a new e-book written by Dynatrace and AWS.

The e-book, “DevSecOps and intelligent observability — Migrating and modernizing Federal agencies with confidence,” lays out the steps to framing a DevSecOps process and provides:

  • Guidance on security tools, technology and practices to support the DevSecOps process across the application delivery lifecycle.
  • Recommendations on how agencies can reduce security risks without derailing development time, by using the power of automated and intelligent observability.
  • The benefits of collaboration across development and security teams to enable
    a better, faster software build without compromising security.

Learn more about an automated AI-powered approach to support and integrate application security into the process at the start.

This article was produced by FedScoop for, and sponsored by, Dynatrace.

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