12 facts about HSPD-12

Kevin Youel Page, acting assistant commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service General Services Administration, presents 12 facts about HSPD-12, the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, on the agency’s Great Government Through Technology blog.

“While I don’t think this would do very well as a holiday song, I hope it clarifies some common misconceptions of our HSPD-12 program,” he wrote.

Youel Page’s list:

  1.  GSA serves all of government: GSA has 99 customer agencies participating.
  2.  No agency is too big or too small: These agencies range from 3 to 115,000 cardholders.
  3. No agency is too complex: We have experience in deployment and onboarding processes across complex agency structures, geographically diverse locations, and widely different operating environments.
  4. We have the experience: USAccess has completed credential issuance for over 800,000 Personal Identification Verification Cards.
  5. We offer breadth of service: USAccess offers a full range of services needed to support the PIV lifecycle, including certificate re-key, credential reissuance, and renewal.
  6. We value transparency: The cost of cards can easily be calculated at
  7. We calculate total cost of ownership: The website not only contains cost figured for basic enrollment and maintenance, but also enrollment station infrastructure costs that can be matched to an agency’s need.
  8. We are affordable: Total annualized program costs for agency
customers (including all PIV issuance infrastructure, system development, card issuance, and lifecycle maintenance from the GSA USAccess team) are under $40 per card holder.
  9. We offer a Shared Service: Individual agencies can save further and get “Shared First” credit with OMB by sharing the enrollment infrastructure with other agencies.
  10. We continue to compare prices: GSA continues to do research regarding deployment and startup costs for agencies and has never found an individual agency with a lower cost to deploy and operate.
  11. We save the government money: Most agencies pay between 4 and 9 times more doing this themselves!
  12. We encourage others to share information: The next time you hear “I can do it cheaper myself!” please engage us in dialogue that may help us improve our services and the services we offer to the federal government.

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