Coast Guard’s Robert E. Day Jr. on budget challenges
Rear Adm. Robert E. Day, Jr., assistant commandant for C4IT and director at Cyber Command, U.S. Coast Guard, discusses with FedScoopTV what he’s working on.


I work on a smorgasbord – I wear three hats: I’m the CIO at the Coast Guard, I’m the director of the Coast Guard Cyber Command, and I’m also responsible for all the electronics. Big thing in this day and age is obviously cybersecurity; it’s the buzz everywhere. Mobility is humongous as well. Then there’s the budget working against us right now, and it’s going to slow down some of the modernization of some of the systems we have out there. It’s balancing all of these challenges and balancing the workforce, so I’ve got plenty to do. But at the same time, I wake up every morning after almost 34 years of service and I look forward to getting to work each and every day. It’s a good challenge, and say ‘there’s plenty to do.’

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