No SDN, no cloud? Yes! And no additional hardware tax for SDN network virtualization

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By Kash Shaikh, Global Marketing Leader, HP Networking

Mark Fabbi, Vice President and lead author of Gartner’s data center networking Magic Quadrant, recently said “a reactive vendor isn’t a leader”. In a related article published by TechTarget ,“Magic Quadrant criticizes Cisco data center architecture”, news director Shamus McGillicuddy provides a bit more context around this statement.

We couldn’t agree more. We announced our complete SDN strategy almost 2 years back and we have been leading and consistently delivering on this strategy to take you on a journey that doesn’t require forklift upgrades, please see my SDN strategy announcement blog from 2012.


HP recently announced a set of new software-defined networking (SDN) innovations that helps pave the way for your success in the cloud, enabling you to deploy and optimize secure, isolated cloud networks in minutes versus months with compelling economics that doesn’t require specific switch hardware to deliver the same.

Historically, legacy data center networks have been closed and static – and as such have not been able to support of the agility, scalability and lower cost that cloud networks demands.

HP’s new Virtual Cloud Networking (VCN) SDN Application which will be available initially as a part of the recently announced HP Helion OpenStack®, and the newHP FlexFabric 7900 series switches helps customers dynamically optimize applications for cloud reducing costs and complexity.

This not only helps customers to quickly drive bottom-line value, but improves the end-user application experience while opening the door to new innovations that deliver agility for customers based on an open SDN ecosystem.

HP Software-defined networking architecture


The HP Virtual Cloud Networking SDN Application delivers the agility and scalability needed to successfully implement private and hybrid clouds along with disruptive economics enabled by open, rapid, on-demand, multi-tenant application deployment. With VCN Enterprises and cloud service providers, can deploy secure and isolated virtual networks in minutes without the need for additional hardware.

HP VCN will be available as a part of HP Helion distribution without any additional charge for VCN application. This enables a buy vs use model to deliver Network Virtualization functionality and delivery very compelling economics for you. This is in sharp contrast with other approaches in the market where specific hardware and/or software is required to deliver Network Virtualization/Overlay networks and often only offer tactical benefits and not meaningful strategic SDN value.

Building a SDN fabric for Cloud

The new HP FlexFabric 7900 compact modular data center switch integrates virtual overlays with the physical underlay to create a resilient spine and leaf network fabric.



The 7900 delivers unprecedented levels of performance, buffering, scale, and availability with high density 10/40GbE and 100GbE interfaces at a lower cost, using only a fraction of the footprint used by traditional chassis.

HP FlexFabric data center 7900 switch series deliver a 75% reduction in cost and complexity and 2X increase in business continuity while creating a cloud and SDN-ready infrastructure with a highly compact form factor.

While the FlexFabric 7900 switch is optimized for cloud environments it is not required to deliver network virtualization with HP VCN SDN application, it is one of the options among other SDN-enabled HPN switches. This is in sharp contrast with other approaches in the market where specific hardware and/or software is required to deliver Network Virtualization/Overlay networks.

Transitioning to the Cloud with confidence

HP is also bringing to market a new set of Technology Services that delivers an end-to-end approach that provides customers the confidence to successfully transform their data center network while maintaining business continuity. HP Trusted Network Transformation spans strategy, assessment, design and deployment, as well as management tools, customized support, training and complete life cycle program management across all transformational elements.


Market Landscape

While some niche vendors only address certain aspects of data center and cloud, others are taxing customers with a series of disjointed, proprietary and expensive hardware-defined fork-lift upgrades. Meanwhile, HP has been leading in Software-defined networking since its beginning in 2007 and has the most comprehensive SDN offering.

Achieve business outcomes with HP Cloud networking solutions

HP’s cloud networking offering is built on this foundation and provides not only the most comprehensive Software-defined networking cloud solution with VCN, but also one that is open and enables investment protection, providing customers flexibility and competitive advantage.



HP is setting a new standard!

HP’s new Software-defined Networking architecture coupled with open and innovative Network Virtualization technologies are poised to radically alter the current network landscape by seamlessly provisioning multi-tenant cloud environments in ways that were not previously possible with traditional legacy datacenter networks.


Dan Verton

Written by Dan Verton

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