VanRoekel: Full Mobile Strategy in 60 Days

Federal Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel said the government will release its full mobility strategy within 60 days and streamline its acquisition process for mobile devices to help the government procure and use the technology more efficiently.

VanRoekel said the strategy will lean on the federal agencies, like the General Services Administration and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, that have been forward thinking when it comes to mobility and incorporate their best practices for government into the strategy.

“We haven’t kept pace with the consumerization of technology,” VanRoekel said on Friday at an AFFIRM luncheon. “We aren’t seizing on that as a federal government.”

VanRoekel said the goal is not to just get the latest consumer technology in the hands of federal employees, but create a strong set of metrics that define success with cost control being a key component.


“If we just streamlined procurement – that’s the minimum bar,” VanRoekel said. “What I want to see more is government as a platform with apps inside and out that takes the government to the next level of efficiency.”

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