Army looking for modernized enterprise data platform

The Army recently posted an initial request for information that will kick off the procurement of an enterprise data platform and services.
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The Army is on the hunt for an enterprise data platform and managed services, according to a recently released request for information.

The document, published by the Enterprise Cloud Management Agency, outlines the need for services to help enable the type of information collection and processing it needs to win in the future and modernize business practices. The current state of data management is scattered and doesn’t allow the Army to gain insights across different mission areas from cybersecurity to logistics, according to the document.

“[T]he Army must fundamentally transform its approach to data governance and data management, which requires a standardized, secure, trusted, agile and resilient set of data management services and a data platform to serve all common data governance needs across all data domains,” the RFI states.

The scope of what the Army wants is broad, with the desired platform being able to reach across different security classifications of networks and even coalition networks that allied militaries use to work with the U.S. The point of having one platform with standard services is to allow users to view wide arrays of datasets and glean deeper insights into Army operations from business analytics to warfighting.


Some examples of how the Army expects to use its new platform include ingesting a wide array of data and standardizing it on demand, working with the Army’s native cloud environment cARMY and supporting advanced analytics like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The Platform enables analytical work products, perform advanced data analytics, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and data visualization at an enterprise level,” the RFI states in its section on foreseen usage scenarios.

The Army is not looking to burn down its current data tools and start from scratch. Instead, it wants whatever platform and services it receives from industry to include the modernization of its current set of data management tools.

The Army will be hosting an industry day event in May to answer questions on the request.

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