Census launches promotional site for ’12 economic census Source:

The Census Bureau launched a new website – – to promote the 2012 economic census, the U.S. government’s official five-year measure of American business and the economy.

The site includes videos, fact sheets, story ideas and talking points that business associations, chambers of commerce, media and public agencies can use to get the word out about the economic census.


The site also offers resources tailored to businesses in specific industries. One of these resources,, covers businesses in more than 300 industries engaged in franchising in the U.S.

Beginning in October, more than 4 million businesses will receive 2012 economic census forms representing all U.S. communities and industries. The site will include direct links to samples of these forms to help them prepare to respond.

The economic census provides benchmark statistics, such as the gross domestic product, monthly retail sales and the producer price index.

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