What is the future of work? How AI and automation change the skills needs

Learn how new technology is changing the future of work and discover strategies for how to stay ahead of the curve.
Trailblazers in Government, Salesforce

New technology is changing the future of work with unprecedented speed and intensity, driving the reinvention of our lives and economy.

Nick Johnson, Director of Marketing, Salesforce

Advances in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning push the frontier of what machines can do, making use of huge increases in ever-cheaper computing power and exponential growth in the data that’s available to train them.

Nick Johnson, director of marketing with Salesforce, digs deeper into how the newer generation of autonomous systems will change the way we work. He also explores what leaders should consider in terms of the new skills the organization will need and how they can best prepare their current workforce to adapt to these changes?


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