FedScoop Hosts Cloud Computing Roundtable

Federal IT government and industry leaders met Thursday afternoon for a roundtable discussion on cloud computing at Bibiana downtown.

The quick nitty gritty: Government is obviously moving to the cloud, but questions and uncertainties exist when it comes to the definition of a private cloud, security, architecture, infrastructure, configuration and how to best transition to the platform, among other things.

“Many of the problems facing government agencies can be fixed with more education,” said Teresa Carlson, Vice President of Global Public Sector at Amazon Web Services, who facilitated the conversation. “There is a lot of confusion, but it can be understood because of the difficulty of using a new service delivery model, but we’re patient and want to help everyone get there.”


  • Technical jargon on cloud computing is good for the technical side of government agencies, but when it comes to making the business case a plain-language approach is need
  • Training government employees is essential to the success of the cloud platform
  • Cloud infrastructure is only as good as the stuff on top running it
  • When moving to the cloud, the database has to be able to scale in the right way for true mission-critical associations
  • Government would like industry to make understanding, purchasing and employing the cloud as easy as possible
  • Security, security, security and more security


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