FedScoop, IDC to release new rankings of top federal IT vendors

At last, a more accurate ranking of top IT vendors selling into the federal government market.

This year, for the first time, IDC Government Insights and FedScoop are producing the 2016 Federal IT Rankings, an evaluation of the revenues of the leading IT product and service suppliers to the U.S. government. 

The rankings will be published by FedScoop on June 23 following the release of the results at an exclusive invitation-only reception hosted that evening by FedScoop.

The 2016 Federal IT Rankings are different from other rankings, which typically include firms based on the value of contracts or the sales of a wide range of government services. This ranking, the first of its kind, will categorize and evaluate technology providers based on calendar year revenues from purchases by U.S. government institutions of IT hardware, software, and/or services.


The rankings will take the form of two lists, the Top 100 and the Enterprise 25. 

The Top 100 will rank vendors that derive more than one-third of their revenue from government. Revenue from sales of telecommunications, electronic exchanges, and market data services is included in the calculation of which companies qualify, but excluded from the figure used to derive the rankings. 

The Enterprise 25 ranks companies that derive less than one-third of their revenues from government, but which are recognized as leading providers to federal government.

“Finding the key players in this market can be a challenge,” said Shawn McCarthy, IDC Government Insights research director.

“The Federal IT Rankings is an ongoing endeavor to establish a solid industry standard that assists both government IT managers and IT suppliers in their efforts to make the best choice for their institutions,” he said.


To participate in the 2016 Federal IT Rankings, company executives have to complete an online survey. Answers to the survey will be incorporated into other research maintained by IDC Government Insights and its parent, International Data Corporation, which employs more than 1,100 analysts following technology purchasing and business strategy trends in over 110 countries.

Shaun Waterman

Written by Shaun Waterman

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