Threat Matrix: Big changes to security clearance process on the horizon

Charles Sowell, former Deputy Assistant Director of Special Security at ODNI. (Photo: Salient Federal Solutions) Charles Sowell, former deputy assistant director of special security at ODNI. (Photo: Salient Federal Solutions)

Threat Matrix brings you weekly insight into the latest news and trends impacting the cyber and national security communities.

In this episode of the Threat Matrix, Dan Verton, FedScoop’s cyber and national security reporter, takes a look at the major changes to the security clearance process being considered by the director of national intelligence.


The mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in September and the continued, unprecedented leak of classified information from the National Security Agency by former contractor Edward Snowden, have led the Obama administration to order a mandatory 120-day review of the government’s process for granting and reviewing security clearances.

And while that review is only about half complete, senior intelligence and security officials are studying ways to leverage technology to create a new process called “continuous evaluation.”

Dan talks to Charlie Sowell, the former deputy assistant director of special security at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, to get a better idea of how continuous evaluation might actually work.

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