Palantir lands $44.4M FDA contract for data management and analytics platform

FDA is the latest health agency to expand its relationship with the Silicon Valley company.
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The Food and Drug Administration awarded a $44.4 million contract to Palantir Technologies to develop an enterprise data management and analytics solution to support human drug reviews.

The three-year contract will improve data-driven decision making specifically at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research and the Oncology Center of Excellence.

This is FDA‘s largest partnership with the Silicon Valley company to date and will assist CDER as it ensures the safety of human drugs and OCE as it develops and reviews oncology products.

Both centers will use resulting data insights to address gaps in their current information technology capabilities.


Palantir‘s software includes granular access controls supporting data governance and permissions for IT leaders, data analysts and medical and consumer safety officers.

The departments of Health and Human Services and Veterans Affairs quickly awarded noncompetitive, multimillion-dollar contracts to Palantir for its data services at the start of the pandemic, citing the “unusual and compelling urgency” of coronavirus recovery. VA subsequently began exploring alternatives for integrating and analyzing COVID-19 data, though it was unaware of other options that could do so securely in any format.

Meanwhile, the National Institutes of Health awarded Palantir a noncompetitive $36 million contract in September for a data enclave to help it build the largest centralized collection of COVID-19 patient data in the world.

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